Our services


Planning is the most crucial part for the outcome, success and quality of an investment.

We bring practical and esthetic balance to personal fulfilment and responsibility for the environment.
The ‘seeking for new solutions’ designer?s attitude is always overseen by the experimented and practically oriented contractor?s approach.
Our team always cooperates to harness each other?s strength in order to deliver you the very best result.


Our passion to create makes a long lasting qualitiy.

On the construstions we work with excellent subcontractors, while constantly supervising and controlling the works.
The subcontractor teams have to perform at their best each time to be able to work with us, wich means you get the perfect outcome.

As general contractor we take over all the trouble and headache from you.


A little help is always useful in the legal and economic maze of property and building industry. You are before purchasing a site and want to consider every angle? You should ask.
Before planning, meanwhile or even afterwards you can always ask for help or second opinion.

We will tell you our observation regarding your plans and site and we answer all your exact questions. We check your plans and make suggestions if we see a gap or a possibility for better solution. We help you preparing the construction, tendering and comparing. We help you select your most suitable partner.

We manage your project and supervise your construction in order to have everything executed according to plans.