Our works


The family owns this lovely cottage for 80 years, but together with the grandchildren they grow it out and a renovation was also due. We added 30 more sms to the 60 in order to have enough space for 4 bedrooms 2 baths and 2 seperate WC-s. Next to the kitchen only the closed porch serves as common area for cooler nights as the garden is where everything happens. We were happy to preserve the villa style of the ’30s and to work together with the interior designer owner on the furnishing. /Photos: Tóth Milán/

architectural planning | construction


The owner is a young couple who work abroad so they needed a place for their visits. They also may rent the place in unused periods. We had to find a clever place for everything in order to be able to enjoy the most space possible.

interior design | construction


We have designed a spacious and practical flat for a family of three. The bigger room will be enough to study and play for 2 children as swell.

interior design | construction


We have planned luxury apartments right next to the Balaton. The 2-room apartments all have a view of the lake, have huge terraces, comfortable but also economic in size.

architectural planning | technical supervision


A minimalist house right next to the lake Balaton. Very simple space layout with for all main rooms to have huge glass facades facing the lake.

architectural planning


We designed a luxury home for a family with two children. The house has recreation space, guest bedrooms with terrace and view. The courtyard is fully private thanks to the terrain and connects seamlessly to the inner spaces through the glass windows. The study can be reached from the outside as well and has a separate terrace.

architectural planning


Right next to the Balaton, we had to make every inch count in this small house in order to have a separate bedroom. The whole house looks upon the lake, and the terace completes the inner spaces.

architectural planning | technical supervision


From the steep slopes of Balatonkenese you can see onto the entire east basin of Balaton. We have utiliezed this quality in this practical house which can later be used as a family home as well.

architectural planning


The scout team of Balatonboglár needs a place for their weekly lessons. As they live at the lake Balaton they have a lot of guests from around the country but also from abroad. These guests can use accomodation both indoors and outdoors in a safe court. The accomodation rooms are on the upper floor and the tent court behind the building, both areas separated from common spaces to provide clamness for resting. For the lessons they need several rooms and to play they need open covered spaces.

architectural planning